FIRST is a leader in creating customized media systems to satisfy educational/safety requirements in a variety of industries. Educations clients are benefiting from our knowledge and experience in creating video on demand systems in schools. Patient education in hospitals, human resource training in all industries can benefit from our expertise in designing, installing and integrating video/audio requirements.

In a school environment media technology can integrate video on demand in the classroom, electronic bulletin/message boards at entrances and suvelliance cameras throught the school to allow for remote control and access by school leadership team or police or fire departments in times of emergency. Hospitals benefit from video on demand systems that enhance the learning of faculty training, human resources orientation, skill training, and patient education and entertainment including e-mail access. Such systems can assist hospital administration by documenting that certain HIPPA requirements are met. FIRST has the knowledge and experience to meet all your media needs.  


Recent Projects 

  • Nequa Valley High School
  • Bolingbrook High School
  • York High School
  • St. Charles High School
  • Roberto Clemente High School
  • Antioch High School 


  • Dukane Audio/Visual Projection
  • Display Mountiing Hardware 

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